10 Ways to Face a Part – How to get the Ideal Surface Finish

Using Fusion 360 CAM to program 10 ways to face a CNC Machined Part!

A good machined surface finish can be more important than efficiency. Watch below to find out how to get an aesthetically pleasing surface finish from 10 different Fusion 360 toolpaths, focusing on both efficiency and aesthetic! Our go-to facing tool on the Tormach is the Superfly, but using a Lakeshore Carbide endmill instead offers tons of flexibility.

CAM Toolpaths Discussed:

2D Face3D Horizontal3D Contour2D Adaptive3D Adaptive3D Parallel3D Scallop3D Spiral3D Radial3D Morph

Put down the face mill and step outside the box! Here are 10 different ways to face parts–everything from practical methods that mitigate tram error to the aesthetically pleasing (albeit inefficient). Let’s talk in depth about the benefits, drawbacks, tips, and tricks of each method as it relates to Fusion 360 CAM, tooling, and the machine. Have you experimented with different toolpaths? Let us know in the comments below!
Tormach Superfly
LSC 360014X
Fusion 360 CAM File

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