5th Axis Machining!

What is 5 Axis Machining?

5 Axis Machining or 5th Axis Machining involves adding two more degrees of freedom in your milling machine. Traditional mills utilize three axes, X Y and Z. One additional axis in 5th axis milling allows you to rotate the part along the Z axis, much like when using a 4th axis machine. However what makes 5th axis machines truly shine is the ability to also rotate the part along either the X or Y axes; thus allowing access to virtually every side of the part!

3+2 Axis Arduino Case

5-Axis Machined Arduino Case!

Follow along as we preview some of the Fusion 360 CAM involved to create this awesome Arduino case on our Haas 5th Axis!


5th Axis Turbo Fan Blade

5-Axis Machined Turbo Fan Blade on HAAS VM3!

This was our first real simultaneous 5th axis toolpath – we learned a lot, and wanted to share the process! This video gives a quick walkthrough of all the available 5th axis operations in Fusion 360, and shows what we used to make the part.


5-Axis V8 Engine Block. Less talk, more rock.

In this video, we let the Haas VM3 do the talking. If you’re familiar with the Business of Machining podcast, John Grimsmo and I discuss the importance of “spindle therapy.” This project is about being in the moment and thoroughly enjoying the process. The end result is icing on the cake. As we continue to learn and grow in our 5-Axis journey, so can you! Nothing is more awesome than being able to share this with you. So, kick back, relax, and enjoy!

Project page available here


Pro Members (click here to join!) get access to the full CAD and CAM of the engine block, as well as the complete LS .3 assembly that we used for the project.

Engine Block CAD