AMAZING Matsuura 5-Axis CNC Showroom!

Matsuura Northeast Tech Center Opening in Connecticut! From rigging CNC machines to machining amazing 5 axis parts, behind Matsuura’s 5-Axis machines, lies a unique company culture and philosophy.

Not only are they designing machines with job-shop work requirements as a top priority; these machines are built to last. This family-owned company provides high quality machine tools for high-mix, low volume applications, which give job shops a competitive edge needed in today’s world. Utility, versatility, and precision are top priorities. Although the company started in 1935, those values remain at the center of their philosophy today!

00:37 – Rigging

02:09 – Finished Parts Display

04:26 – Tour with Tyler Begins

04:37 – MAM72-35V Info

10:04 – MAM72-35V Demo

11:25 – H.Plus-300 Info

14:28 – MX-520 PC4 Info

18:18 – MX-520 Pallet Change Demo

18:34 – MX-330 Info

20:49 – MX-330 Demo

22:42 – LX-160 Info

24:21 – LX-160 Demo

24:56 – V.Plus-550 Info