Beatty Robotics Curiosity Mars Rover Antenna

Beatty Robotics, a robotics company started by Camille Beatty and her sister Genevieve has been working on an awesome robotics project: a fully functional 1:10 scale version of the Curiosity Mars Rover!

A while back, we machined some lunar robot wheels for Beatty Robotics, and they asked us to take a stab at machining the UHF Antenna for them using the Tormach lathe and 4th axis on a Tormach mill!

Beatty Robotics Mars Rover Replica

About Beatty’s Mars Rover:

This 1:10 scale version of the Curiosity Mars Rover was built with both functionality and aesthetics in mind. Beatty Robotics followed every image and schematic they could find of the real life Mars Rover in order to achieve a perfect visual replica of Curiosity. But it doesn’t stop there – they also used their own custom PCB’s and electronics to make the rover work just like the real one too!

Some functions include: “a Six Wheel Drive System (6WD), a fully-functional Rocker-Bogie Suspension System (RBSS), servo steering, a functional differential bar, a 360-degree camera/sensor turret, 3D LIDAR sensing, autonomous behavior, radio data transmission, and much more—all as per the real Curiosity.”

Click here to see Beatty Robotics’ build page on the rover!


Fusion 360 File

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