First Video on the Tormach 15L Slant-Pro CNC Turret Lathe!

Dare I say this video need no introduction?

Aside from a teaser video of a few seconds of cutting, this is the first (of many!) videos on the new Tormach CNC Turret Lathe! We first take a look at the CNC lathe features, including enclosure, turret, electrical cabinet, etc and then we take a first look at Tormach’s new conversation control! It looks like Tormach has done a GREAT job – very easy to program lathe operations at the control! We then, of course, make some chips! Turning a piece of 1″ 6061 Aluminum! Much more to come folks, including drilling, boring,ID and OD threading and, well, lots more! If you enjoy this NYC CNC video please hit the like button and share with a friend, it really goes a long way!

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