Fixing OD Profile Gouges in Fusion 360 Lathe CAM: Spun Profile

Spun Profile: Fusion 360 CNC Lathe CAM

If your Fusion 360 CNC Lathe CAM appears to be crashing into your part during an OD Profile operation, you need to enable Spun Profile.

Without Spun Profile, CNC lathe turning strategies in Fusion 360 automatically slice the part along the ZX plane to determine a 2D profile of the part – and this is what drives the toolpath.  If a groove or feature is located along a section of the ZX plane, this will cause Fusion 360 to drive the toolpath based on that feature and create a bad toolpath that would likely ruin your part.

Selecting Spun Profile in the CAM Setup causes Fusion 360 to “spin” the part, forcing the toolpath to look at the largest extent of the part and thus avoiding or ignoring features such as the spanner wrench grooves in the video demonstration.


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