Fusion 360: Photo to 3D in CAD!

Why would you want to transfer a photo to CAD software?

While we usually find ourselves needing to create parts from scratch, sometimes the issue is reversed. Instead of having a piece of stock to make the part from, you may have the part in hand, and need a Fusion 360 model to work with. By simply snapping a quick pic with your smartphone, you can turn that picture into a 3D model using the Attached Canvas tool.

How to Create a CAD Model from a Photo!

Fusion 360 Attached Canvas Tool

Sometimes, the logo in the picture is more important than creating an actual model. In order to transfer this picture to a CAD model, the image needs to be exported to a .DXF file and imported into Fusion 360. Once you’ve moved your picture to CAD, you can manipulate it like any other sketch and use as needed.

Converting JPG Photo to Fusion 360

Tutorial on how to take a 2D DXF Print in Fusion 360 and convert to a 3D Model so that we can machine it!