Fusion 360 Post Processor Error: DSI Fixes Probing with Multiple WCS Error!

Our Fusion 360 Okuma Post Processor worked great for Probing an Angle along X (or Y) using the G11 (aka G68) style coordinate shift rotation!

BUT – it would NOT work when posting to multiple WCS offsets! We got the error “WCS offset cannot change while using angle rotation compensation”. This error seemed bogus, but I wasn’t comfortable fixing it, so we reached out to Dr. Phil from DSI to help get it working!

Watch along as Dr. Phil (@the_dr.phil_experience on IG) from DSI troubleshoots and corrects our post-processor issue! This video gives a behind the scenes look into the Fusion 360 support and post processor development services that DSI offers.

Learn more about DSI here!

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