Fusion 360 Tutorial: The BEST CAD & CAM for the Home Shop!

This video first covers a basic tutorial on using CAD in Fusion 360 to create a part to be CNC machined then I discuss my opinions about Fusion 360, it’s benefits and shortcomings and what’s going on in the CAD world.

We finish up with a quick preview of using CAM in Fusion 360! Bottom line: Although there are a few things that need improved, Fusion 360 is good CAD, great CAM and an incredible value! It’s my recommended choice for folks that need powerful software or are using CNC machines but don’t want to pay multiple-thousands of dollars for software like SolidWorks! I expect Fusion 360 will be a major player as the CAD/CAM world evolves in the coming years. OnShape will give it a run for its money IF they can include integrated CAM.

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