Grob: A CNC Machine Tool Brand You Might Not Know About

There are many CNC machine manufacturers, but few offer as capable – and unique – of a machine as GROB.

GROB has one of the largest machine tool facilities in Europe where they build large automated manufacturing and assembly lines. There’s a good chance that many of the parts in your car were touched by a GROB!

 GROB’s Universal line of horizontal 5-axis CNC machines are incredible machines that are gaining in popularity amongst job shops and manufacturers.   We visited GROB Headquarters in Germany a couple years ago and saw some really interesting machine tool engineering.

But, GROB also has a U.S.-based factory in Bluffton, OH.

Again, the right tool for the job is always the most important standard to follow. For instance, our friends at Area 419 use a GROB G350, which provides 5-axis horizontal machining capabilities, among their army of other machines, but there are some unique features of their GROB that the company uses to their advantage – like the tunnel concept, where the spindle actually recedes into a tunnel on the machine, allowing you to fully utilize the machine’s work envelope, even with really long tools. Jon Addis, CEO at Area 419, told us it can use up to a 500 mm tool and still cut the largest part that fits in the envelope.

The Universal Line of machines offer great operator access and part visibility.  The horizontal orientation means they can even machine parts upside down!  They are one of best machines to film – take a look at this Eiffel Towel demo: