Hardmilling an 8620 Differential Ring Gear on a CNC Machine!

Recently, we were asked how to mill 8620 on a Tormach.

Since 8620 is mid 50’s HRC, we knew it was going to be a little work to find the sweet spot. The other question was, “Do you need a specialty tool?” While specialty tools have their place and certain advantages, we wanted to see if it could be done with a regular carbide endmill. Let’s talk about what we learned in terms of speeds & feeds, tool stickout, and chip evacuation. Also, if you’ve ever wondered about different feedrates and the many Ramp settings in Fusion 360, we’ll cover that as well.

SFM: 40 feet/min

Feed per Tooth: 0.0013″

Radial DOC: 0.02″

Axial DOC: 0.625″

Ramp Spindle Speed: 800 RPM

Ramp Feedrate: 2.52 inches/minute

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