How to Clean off your Probe Tip Using Gcode!

Got a chip stuck on your probe tip?

Probing routines help us make better parts EXCEPT when a chip gets stuck to the tip. Let’s solve this problem by adding a cleaning routine process! Not only do we want to add G-Code to incorporate this cleaning routine into our post processor back end, we also have the ability to add a check box to the Post Properties menu in Fusion 360. That means, it’s as simple as toggling the option on or off, depending on our needs! By using Visual Studio Code, we gain confidence in our ability to modify code just the way we want it!

Gcode Sample for Haas Blowoff

M1 //option stop
M6 T99 //call probe T99 for SMW
S150 M3 //rotate probe at 150RPM during blowoff
M83 //deploy air blast
G04 P1000 //dwell for one second
M84 //turn off air blast
M5 //turn off spindle rotation

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