5 Axis Machining Longboard Trucks Using Generative Design!

Earlier this year, we designed and machined trucks for our DATRON longboard – but after meeting Gavin Bath (@thezwap on Instagram, or read more about him here) who has a custom electric longboard of the same model we knew we had to take it one step further. Using Generative Design (which lets the computer handle the designing for us based on the given load conditions) we worked with Gavin to create an amazing 5-axis machined longboard truck hanger to replace his on his electric board. Check out the process below!

3-Axis Hangers for our Board

CNC milling aluminum trucks for this DATRON longboard deck is an awesome way to have fun and improve machining skills. In this video, the machining speaks for itself! At the 2018 IMTS trade show, a Datron M8Cube machined the incredible features and surface finish of a longboard deck— and when they send it your way, you FINISH making the parts needed to make it functional! In this video, we’re CNC machining aluminum trucks using both 3-axis and 5-axis milling.

Generative Design & 5-Axis Machining New Hangers

Generative design marks the dawn of a new era of technology, design, and manufacturing! Don’t let the seemingly delicate, ornate structures fool you–these parts are MADE to withstand an onslaught of stresses. We teamed up with Gavin Bath from CADPRO Systems to machine a generatively designed longboard/skateboard truck on the 5-axis. We’ll discuss what generative design is, how it works, and how we machined the part using Fusion 360 Steep & Shallow toolpaths, collision avoidance, part inspection, and an awesome workholding technique suggested by Rob Lockwood. This is the story of the most complicated part we’ve ever made!

Gavin's Video on Using the Generative Hanger

A story about the creation of a truck for an electric longboard, using Autodesk Fusion 360 Generative Design technology, and 5-axis CNC machining.

Special thanks to Gavin for working with us on this project, as well as being willing to share the process and the Fusion file for you!

Generative Design Hanger + CAM

SMW Trucks + Sample Longboard

Note: this is not the same model as the DATRON longboard and the board is meant as an example only

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