OxTools Challenge: Machining a Toothpick

Plastics and California don’t mix. A few years ago, a state-wide ban was placed on plastic items such as straws, cocktail swords, and sadly, those glorious sticks that hold sandwiches together.

WHAT’S TOM SUPPOSED TO DO NOW? Apparently, he’s decided to make a machining challenge to cope with the stress. First, we’ll machine an aluminum test toothpick to nail down the process and then machine one from plastic on the UMC-750. Tom Lipton shall have ALL the toothpicks he requires to reside in the state of California. I just have one question…does this mean we’re outlaws? (We’re joking – CA hasn’t outlawed toothpicks… yet)

Stick around for some great tricks for 4th and 5th axis CAM in Fusion 360 as John walks through the programming process for this tricky part.

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