Powder Coat & CNC Engraving a Plaque!

We have a new way to engrave!

The Tormach Drag Knife engraver (link below) let’s us engrave 30x as fast! We ran this demo at 60IPM (versus our usual 2IPM with a ball end mill!)

What’s the catch? The drag knife leaves a burr. But let’s use the SuperFly to clean that burr off by machining a few thou over top the part! Boom!

We were incredibly happy with how this part turned out. It’s a great example of how much you can do in a home shop – both CNC machining and powder coating to make a great product! Fusion360 handles the CAD and CAM and we used the website fiverr.com to have the logo converted to a DXF file for only $11!

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