Programming Dual Spindle Lathes

How to program a dual spindle Haas ST-20Y CNC lathe in Fusion 360! Dual spindle lathes are incredible – and one of best ways to get into “automation” – but the key is having a reliable and efficient way to program them. By using part placeholders, templates, and user parameters in Fusion 360, we’re able to program this simple part quickly and with confidence!

1.) Insert your part into the Part Placeholder component.

2.) There is a Joint Origin in the Stock Main Spindle Component called Part to Stock. Use this to place the part within the stock.

3.)  Change these parameters to suit your needs: Main Stock Diameter, Main Stock Length, Front Stock Offset Main Spindle, Front Stock Offset Sub Spindle, Distance to chuck on part for Sub Spindle, Width of Cutoff Tool

4.) The Part Length will have to be measured and put into the parameters for each part.

5.) Add or change operations as needed.

6.) Do not change anything with the secondary spindle chuck, secondary spindle return, or the cut off operations.

G54 is face of main spindle collet. G54 B0 is face of main spindle collet to face of sub spindle collet. G55 is face of sub spindle collet.

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