ProvenCut – Proven Speeds & Feeds Recipes

Learn Speeds & Feeds fast – ProvenCut is designed to help you get your part made right away

ProvenCut provides the speeds & feeds recipe and Fusion 360 CAM toolpath for countless materials and CNC machines, giving YOU the confidence to machine parts with proven success. Forget the vague speeds and feeds tutorial, ProvenCut offers real world results – cutting out the guesswork when machining.

All the Proven Cutting
Information you need!

Each ProvenCut Speeds & Feeds recipe is backed by video footage of the cut, photographs of the cutting tool, chips, tool holder, machine, workholding setup and more.

ProvenCut gives you the information you need to succeed, including direct links to the tools used.

Complete Details

We give you the information to replicate with consistent machining results. Each speed and feed recipe includes photo and video documentation of the cutting conditions. Subscribers get downloadable Fusion 360™ CAM, direct links to purchase tooling, holders, and more.

Easy Recipes

ProvenCut recipes are easy to find with the intuitive, dynamic filter system. Unlike CNC machining calculators, there’s nothing to guess or fill in. Just search for the material, CNC Machine Tool, CAM operation, tool type or more. Build out your “My Tools” library to filter search results by tools you already own!