Specific Cutting Force (Kc) of Materials

How do you find the Specific Cutting Force or Kc value of a metal or material to calculate cutting horsepower?

Click on the link below to download the Sandvik Rotating Tools Guide.  Page J 486 has the Specific Cutting Force – also known as “Kc” for steel, aluminum, cast iron, stainless and more!

In the Twist Drill Example from Wednesday Widget #175, We used a Kc of 216,500 lbs/in^2.  This is from the first material listed on P. J 486 of the Sandvik PDF and is for “Steel, Unalloyed” with a Brinell Hardness of 125; this is the value for 1018 cold rolled steel!

Click to Download the Sandvik 2015 Rotating Tools PDF