Super Glue Fixturing for CNC Machining!

AMAZING Cheap CNC Fixture: Superglue!

Superglue and painter’s tape is an amazing, cheap workholding and fixturing solution for CNC Machining!  Superglue, when used with masking tape is reliable and it allows you full access to your part! After machining a semi-sacrificial sub-plate we’ll use this technique to machine a Fender Jaguar Control Plate. Finally, we’ll push the limit by subjecting it to the HELL TEST! The question is…. could this be the holy grail of fixturing?

Superglue Fixturing Bill of Materials:

Fusion 360 Download Links:

Fender Jaguar Control Plate

Hell Test

Superglue CNC Machining! CAM & Part Setup

Superglue CNC Machining! Machining & Results!