Turning, Facing & Threading on the Tormach CNC Lathe!

I am blown away by the capabilities and ease-of-use with the new Tormach CNC lathe.

Absolutely amazed. I had a customer job come in for a bushing with two different thread pitches and a few different OD’s. I thought I’d make them on the manual machine but keep one as an example to ‘aspire to’ when I finally learned enough to make a part like this on the Tormach CNC lathe. On 4140 too!

Well, I had a few hours on Sunday and was BLOWN away at how easy this part was to make. Bottom line: I never made them on the manual machine but rather spent a few minutes (!) and had them programmed and turned on the Tormach CNC lathe! It is incredible how easy the conversational programming is to use! I’m going to LOVE this machine!

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