Tormach Internet & Wifi: Using PathPilot with Dropbox or Network Drive

Let’s connect our Tormach Pathpilot CNC controller to wifi and internet so that we can Map it as a Network Drive for easier G-Code posting and file transfer!

What is my Tormach PathPilot IP Address?

  1. From the PathPilot operating screen, press CTRL+ALT+X to bring up a terminal window
  2. Type “ifconfig”
  3. Your PathPilot computer IP address will likely be 192.168.x.x (or possible 10.0.x.x if using Apple Airport for your Internet and WiFi)

If using PathPilot 2.2.x or newer, type ADMIN NETTOOL in the MDI instead of opening a terminal window and using “ifconfig”.

Are you trying to use your Tormach CNC Mill and PathPilot over DropBox?  Or do you want to connect to PathPilot over your network to share files and folders with network sharing or mapped network drive?  Here are tips we’ve gathered:

Network Drive

Tormach PathPilot 2.0 Network Drive Instructions Here

  1. From the PathPilot operating screen, press CTRL+ALT+X to bring up a terminal window.
  2. Type gedit smb.conf.share and click enter on the keyboard. This should launch the file for edit. Note: 1 space between gedit and smb.conf.share
  3. Change “security = share” to “security = user”
  4. Reboot the controller
  5. Open drive mapping on your CAD machine (PC) and map to an unused drive using the \\network_name\folder_name format as per Tormach Instructions
  6. OR, you can map the network drive using your Tormach PathPilot computer’s IP address (e.g. \\192.168.x.x\gcode)

If using PathPilot 2.2.x or newer, there is no need to edit smb.conf.share

PRO TIP:  remove your rubber keyboard protector to ensure you are typing the correct keystrokes!


Tormach PathPilot 2.0 DropBox Instructions Here (see Page 8)

  • With Dropbox, you need to restrict the folders available to Pathpilot otherwise your Dropbox content will flood the Pathpilot controller available storage (and a possible security risk due to “oversharing” your DropBox contents)