We Bought a Boss Laser!

What We Bought:

Boss LS-3655

100 Watt power upgrade

Focal lens cleaning kit

CW-5000 Water Chiller

Why did we go with a Boss laser?

  1. Overall Value – We found the Boss laser to be the best value in its class.  We looked at lasers from companies like EPILOG and Trotec, but couldn’t justify the 4x to 6x higher price, even if that meant longer tube life.  The Boss Laser feature sets and capabilities was the right match for what we need to cut: wood, rubber, acrylic/plastic and engraving anodized aluminum and powder coated metals.
  2. Build Quality – The Boss Laser build quality is superb – and a step above the other lasers in its class.  Having used and seen other import lasers, the Boss Laser sheet metal, enclosure, interface and overall build is excellent.
  3. Great Website – The Boss Laser website made it easy to compare capabilities, machines and options.  Pricing and options were clearly labeled.   We were able to buy direct (no distributor!)
  4. Work Area – This is, to be blunt, a huge laser.   It has a working area of 55.1″ to 35.4″!   The key for us was the ability to fit the width (4′) of plywood and plastic sheets.  The Boss Laser enclosure supports material pass through in all four directions for even longer or larger pieces.
  5. Controller – The RUIDA controller is great.  It includes a user friendly origin setting.  Before running the part, you can use its Frame setting that moves the machine around the frame of the largest extents of the cut.

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