Guide to Buying Aluminum, Steel & Other Raw Materials





Where to Buy Materials:

Metals: (Aluminum, Brass, Steel, etc)


  • Local Shop: Ask nicely – or ask where they take their scrap!
  • Scrap Yard: Often “Rough,” bring gloves and be ready to negotiate
  • eBay: Be wary of bad material specs, it can also take too much time to find the right size

Reliable Sources:

Non Metals

  • TAP Plastics: Carries various plastics in all shapes and sizes
  • Alro: In addition to metal, Alro also carries plastics

How much does aluminum cost?  How much should I expect to pay?

$2.35 per pound (as of early 2018) is a decent price.  THIS PRICE VARIES!  It varies on a number of factors, including:

  • Market price fluctuations
  • How large of an order (price may improve drastically once you are buying over intervals like 500 pounds, 1,000 pounds, etc)
  • Processing – e.g. saw cutting material