How to Plunge Mill!

Plunge milling!

Got tricky, hard-to-access geometry? Plunge milling could be the answer! This is a great way to get MORE out of your mill. While it takes a little more effort to set up this toolpath, it’s worth it! Today, instead of choking up, let’s go all out and use a full length 4.1″ (103 mm) TTS M12 Threaded Arbor + Shearhog to see what happens! Then, we’ll use the plunge milling strategy in a more practical application: with a standard 1/4″ (6.35 mm) end mill! Although traditional machining strategies “work” here, the question is: DO WE HAVE PROCESS RELIABILITY?


Shearhog Plunge Roughing

1/4" Plunge Roughing

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